ADCA is a Advance Diploma course in Computer Application. The main aim of The Advance Diploma In Computer Application program To prepare candidates in such a way that they can present and able to work in the world of computers and software. This course helps to provide information related to technologies and research which is carried out in the field of computer application. This course includes both theoretical as well as practical aspects. The candidates also learn about designing and developing applications and system software which may be enforced in businesses or the corporate sector.

What you’ll learn

✅ Operating System : Linux

✅ Advance Concepts of Multiple Technologies

✅ In-depth learning.

What you’ll get?

✅ Access to video lectures for 12 months

✅ Course Completion Certificate

How to get course?

One Time: Rs. 65,500 Rs. 32,500

Easy Installment: 12 easy installments, first installment of Rs. 1,100 and next 11 installments each of Rs. 3,200 only. Apply Now